Online Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Every plan comes with a dedicated bookkeeping team to handle your monthly books and simple software to let you keep track of your financials.

EveryEntry Small Business Accounting Software Features





EveryEntry uses Quickbooks Online Software and virtual bookkeeping services to provide you with real-time access to your financial information. With a user-friendly dashboard, you can monitor the overall health of your business, at any given time



Review your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and other reports with just one click. These reports can easily be shared from the cloud bookkeeping software with your accountant come tax time.

AVAILABLE ANYWHERE FROM MULTIPLE DEVICES – using Quickbooks Software to provide online bookkeeping services.


By utilizing Quickbooks Online Software, we provide clients with access to their information on the go. Access your financial information from multiple devices including desktops, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Online Document Sharing

We make it easy for you to send us your information

With multiple options for document sharing, our online virtual bookkeeping services, makes it easy for you to send us your information. Upload, email, or courier your documents and we’ll take care of the rest.

Three options for sending information

Our small business accounting software, allows you to upload your bank and credit card statements, scanned receipts, and other documents directly to your bookkeeping team through the secure document management center. File sharing is handled by which uses enterprise grade security and encryption to protect your files.

Email documents directly to your bookkeeping team.

Schedule a courier pickup for your documents and receipts ($30 per envelope).

Canadian Bookkeeping & Accounting Professionals

Dedicated professional team

With EveryEntry, you get a dedicated bookkeeper and accountant team based in Canada. These experienced professionals will ensure your books are prepared to a high standard of accuracy and completeness.

All our bookkeepers are trained with an understanding of Canadian bookkeeping and accounting standards

Our bookkeepers are trained with an understanding of Canadian requirements and standards. This ensures your books are ready to be shared with your accountant come tax time.

Reliable, accurate, and timely (fast turnaround)

Our bookkeepers will complete your bookkeeping within one week of receiving your documents. This ensures you have timely financial information to make the important decisions for your business.

Review done by an experienced accountant

EveryEntry understands that the accuracy and reliability of your books is crucial for your business, which is why when you rely on our small business accounting software, each bookkeeper is supported by an experienced accountant to provide secondary review.


Secure Software

Safeguarding your information is the highest priority at EveryEntry. The software we use, Quickbooks Online bookkeeping services and, employ bank grade security to ensure a high level of protection for your information and documents.

Encrypted File Sharing

We use for file sharing. Box is trusted by 92% of Fortune 500 companies, and ensures your files are encrypted during transfer (high-grade TLS) and at rest (multi-layered encryption with 256-bit AES). Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations.

Cloud-Based Bookkeeping


Our backed up data means you’ll never lose or misplace an important document again. If you’ve exported a report for your business from the cloud and accidentally delete it, our backed up data features allow you to simply and easily access it again.



Gone are the days of paperwork and filing, with our cloud-based bookkeeping services, everything is virtually online, stored in the same place. Reducing office-clutter and saving the environment!



Your business accounting software goes where you go. As all your data and information is stored in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your account, including financial data, receipts, payroll summaries – whatever you need, on the go!


Custom Add-ons

Our custom add ons capabilities, such as our easy-to-use payroll software, and advanced small business accounting software add ons are all completely customizable to your business.

No matter the size of your business and it’s needs, our virtual bookkeeping software can be tailored to suit you. Choose from the following add ons;





Multiple Revenue Streams

Investment reconciliations

Loan reconciliations

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