Our Bookkeeping Services Available to All Calgary Based Businesses

Whether your business is big or small, you’ll benefit from choosing our cloud-based bookkeeping services for your Calgary business. By offering a completely customizable online bookkeeping software tool, you’ll be able to personalize your business information, whether you have 5 employees or 50, and focus on the key aspects important to your business, such as real-time finance reports or payroll summaries.


By providing a modern-day bookkeeping service to Calgary businesses, we’re able to reduce the need for traditional bookkeepers who come out to your business each month, which in turn reduces the costs of paying these bookkeepers and the time your small business spends on paperwork, filing and organizing the company books.


What is Our Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Software?


We aren’t like other bookkeeping companies in Calgary. For starters, our cloud-based bookkeeping software is all online. It’s a simple and easy to use software program that allows your business to complete all bookkeeping tasks online, and store all your company’s information such as financial reports, payroll summaries and tax receipts, all online and in the one place.

By using this virtual bookkeeping software for your Calgary business, you’re able to complete any bookkeeping conveniently on the go from your iPad, iPhone, Android or Desktop.


How Can Our Bookkeeping Software Benefit Your Calgary Business


The benefits for your business switching from relying on a traditional bookkeeper each month, to our cloud-based tool, are endless. To start with, our bookkeeping software is affordable, allowing you to save money on paying a tradition bookkeeper to come to your business.

You are assigned an experienced, dedicated bookkeeper and accountant when you sign up with EveryEntry, who both work closely on your books to ensure they’re correct and compliant.

Its safe and secure, our clients are secure in the knowledge that the bookkeeping by EveryEventry is done to ensure compliance with Canadian requirements and standards.

It’s available from any device, anywhere. Simply log in, and share documents on your iPhone, iPad, Desktop or Android device – making it perfect for your business in this fast-paced, modern-day world.


Our Calgary Bookkeeping – Prices and Rates


Our cloud-based software is available in a range of packages and rates to suit your business and its needs, making it affordable for your Calgary business to get your bookkeeping done each month. Prices start from as low as $100 per month, and we will even offer you a free monthly trial to see whether it’s right for your business. See our rates and packages below.


  • $100/MO*
  • Perfect for sole proprietors & self-employed contractors with a few transactions per month.


  • $200/MO*
  • Ideal for a growing business with no employees and less than 20 transactions per month.


  • $300/MO*
  • Our most popular plan which applies to most small businesses with over 50 transactions per month.


  • $400/MO*
  • The plan for larger small businesses with increased complexity, unique needs, and a high volume of transactions.

For more information, visit our pricing page.




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